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Shawn Meaike Explain Why Family First Life Is Different

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Family First Life Agency Complete Overview 2021

Come Learn How to Become the Next $400,000 HALL-OF-FAME PRODUCER Here at Family First Life! Top Comp , 100% - 145%

We Become Family

It's About The Client

It’s About the Client

Family First Life puts the Client first by teaching every agent that works with us how to effectively improve the situation of every client they meet with.

It’s About the Agent

Family First Life Builders puts the Agent first by offering a "LIve Transter Partnership", the highest comp in the industry, vested renewals day one and free training.

It’s About Team

Family First Life Builders has the infrastructure to enable your family to succeed.

It’s About Security

Family First Life has always been about families… from the very beginning

It’s About Generations

Family First Life can create financial peace-of-mind that spans generations

Our Turn-Key "Live Transfer" System Solidifies A Long Prosperous Partnership.

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