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Welcome to the team! My name is Sonja, I will be helping you get appointed with carriers.

Step One

The First step to getting contracted is to get appointed with carriers. We use a software system

called Surance Bay also known as Sure LC or Sure App. (You were sent to the website after

completing the signature forms.)

Many carriers request the same information so after you fill out your profile the system will auto-fill the information on the contract for you. Once you complete your profile select "request

appointments" in the top right.

Below is the link if you need it again. Please save this weblink for future reference.

FFL West Coast

We've created a brief overview video to go over what is needed and answer the many

questions agents have. Please watch the video a couple of times before getting started.

USA — Get Contracted With FFL

Step Two

While you are waiting for your agent/producer numbers please complete the New Agent

Bootcamp using the link below


Step Three

Once you have completed your SuranceBay and requested appointments with the carriers,

please call the carriers directly (72 hours after submitting) to make sure they have received your


The carriers information is available on https://fflmentor.com/

Please keep in contact with me through the process so I can help in any way I can.

Once you submit your contracts on Surance Bay, please start working on getting leads, you can

buy them from the CRM or the best leads to start with are lead gurus. You will get them within

48 hours and you can order them at www.fflleads.com. Use 25% off Coupon FFLWINFAST

Spend a lot of time on step 3 on the "Road Map to Success" it will give you step-by-step

instruction on what to do next. You can find this at www.fflwestcoast.com

Below is the link to schedule a time with Ken George. To go over a game plan call.


Also, make sure you download slack to get plugged in with FFL with any questions you have. 

Looking forward to the business partnership and seeing you hit your financial goals with FFL.


Sonja George

Family First Life West Coast

Contracting Manager

Phone: 864-347-9633

1213 W Morehead St 

5th Floor, 

Charlotte, NC 28208